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Indus Forum ConferenceThe US and India are closer than ever before. The USA was a key supporter of India’s move to gain independence from the British Empire.  However, after independence, India decided to go its own way.

Though US firms have long been involved with India as a market and as a business partner (for example in IT and research), it is only recently that the US and India have concluded that their national interests converge. So India is now not only a key business partner, rather the US as a country sees India as a key part of its global strategy.  India too regards the US as its most important strategic and business partner.  Beyond business and politics, American culture has been exported very successfully into India, and India’s influence on America through spirituality, film, music, cuisine, etc. is on the rise. Meanwhile, the burgeoning number of Indians in the US and their ever growing influence in American life also tie the two countries together at a personal level.

The IndUS Forum is a private initiative, not funded in any form by any government or political party, which brings together the citizens of the US and India, as well as Americans and People of Indian Origin from around the world, for information sharing, educational activities, lectures, discussion, debate, fun, cultural exchange and celebration, and other forms of meaningful exchange beneficial to citizens of both countries.

The Forum seeks to work collaboratively with Indian, US and other universities, professional and religious organizations, and other entities of every sort, provided such efforts do not compromise the Forum’s independence and objectivity.


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