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Apr 16th


By Prabhu Guptara

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A short summary of my talk at the event held in the Hindu temple in NY, organised by GOPIO and co-sponsored by the Indian Jewish Council, IndUS Forum and other organizations.

“The USA can continue to fight merely selfishly for its own interests within the wrong sort of globalisation that we have today, or the US can choose to defend its interests by means of leading in the construction of the right global standards in minimum pay, health, safety, nutrition,and other aspects of human welfare, and fair global rules in relation to the environment as well as in relation to systems for R&D, media, finance, trade, and so on.  If the US helps pioneer the right kind of globalisation, then the US economy will recover, jobs will come back to the USA, and global growth will resume in a more steady manner. Otherwise, we will soon have wars around the world.”

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