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Sunish Bio photo

Sunish Abraham (President and Executive Director): 

Sunish was born in India and raised in India and the Philippines before moving to the United States and then Australia.  He worked in the fields of technology and engineering before serving as a strategic consultant to non-profits around the world.  He has led diverse projects in Australia, India, Southeast Asia and the US.  He currently serves as President and Executive Director of the IndUS Forum.


Phillip Thomas:

Born and educated in India, Phillip has established himself as a successful entrepreneur leading and consulting on several start-up companies.  He is a recognized business leader in Philadelphia and also served as adjunct faculty at Eastern University, with a specialty in International Business. Phillip is currently the President and CEO of his most recent start-up, Denovo Health.

Sathya Kalangi

Born in India and having later moved to the US, Sathya is a nationally recognized leader in the field of Gastroenterology and is a global leader in healthcare having founded “The Collective Power of One”, a non-profit that seeks to improve health through education and community development in emerging countries.   She has led efforts in disaster relief, health awareness and community development around the world.

Sanjeev Bhatia:

Born in the Middle East to Indian parents, Sanjeev established himself in the field of accounting before leading the efforts of the Expat Group in North America.  Over the last two decades, Expat has established itself as one of India’s most innovative and trustworthy real estate development firms with projects in India, the Middle East and Africa.   Sanjeev is Director of Business Development for Expat Properties, North America.

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