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Nov 6th


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Philanthropist  Rohini Nilekani believes mainstream media is weighed down by many handicaps and, therefore, wants to co-create an entirely  new media platform primarily funded by donor money. While it’s too early to reveal details of the new media entity taking shape, she says, it will be fairly meaningful in size and impact, and not some facile effort at tinkering on the sidelines. 

She draws inspiration from the early experiences of a mercurial fellow philanthropist and the humungous potential a digital economy offers. Media is crying to be reinvented for a new age. Billionairephilanthropist  Pierre Omidyar,  founder of  eBay, has recognised this and is first off the block. He has committed $250 million to a radically new media platform, First Look Media, which has in its ranks journalists like  Glenn Greenwald, who reported on the Edward  Snowden documents. Omidyar pitches First Look as a “model for great  journalism, free from financial and political interference”. 


Read the Rest here: http://m.economictimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/how-indian-philanthropists-are-channeling-their-wealth-to-deepen-democracy-and-governance/articleshow/45029528.cms

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